Winchester CTC Ride Notification and Booking Help

The help here is for the Notification and Booking Tool (NBT). It offers the following features: -

The application can be used in two modes, Notification, and Booking.

Notification: -
1. It is accepted that the need to notify is optional and therefore riders can join the ride without notifcation though there are advantages for both riders and ride leaders to do so.
2. The NBT provides a simple way for ride leaders to provide information about the ride including routes and this can be accessed by riders via the Club Calendar even if not registered with the application.
3. The NBT provides a quick way to notify leaders that they intend to be on the ride for users that log on to the system. It also provides a means to contact the leader if they are not registered with the application by email.
4. The NBT provides the ride leader with a Group Email that sends a common email message to all those that have notified without using a broadcast like Google Groups or relying on checking with the website.
5. A special version of the Group Email can be used in the event of the need to cancel a ride.
6. Leaders can see who has notified and therfore also how large the ride is likely to be.
7. In general it makes it easier for ride leaders to manage rides.

Booking: -
1. Booking means that riders need to book to join a ride and there will be a limit on the number of riders.
2. The NBT with booking offers all of the features for notification plus the following.
3. The NBT allows the number of riders to be specified.
4. The NBT allows a waiting list if over subscribed and manages it automatically.

The system uses a one-off registration so that users are able to log onto the application. When the user logs on, the application knows who the user is and this enables two things: -
1. When Notifying or Booking the system knows who it is making that request so no further identification is required.
2. The system knows if the user is the leader for a paticular ride and gives them access to edit the details for that ride.

Riders who do not want to register.
In this case there are two options: -
1. Simply turn up for a ride without notification. This may not be an option for some Tuesday, Friday or Saturday rides when booking is required.
2. Notify using the contact by email option.

Leaders who do not want to register or find the NBT difficult to use. Can get assistance from the coordinator for their lead ride. Coordinators have administration rights on the NBT and can edit any ride.

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